Tarja answers fan qustions about Luna Park Ride

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Tarja gave fans the opportunity to ask her questions about the upcoming “Luna Park Ride” album on facebook, and here are her answers:


Mara Medforth-Mills: What made you want to film the Luna Park Ride?

Tarja Turunen: Actually we didn’t film the LPR or the bonus material ourselves. When we released my fist live video “ACT I” we wanted to add something special for the limited Media Box Set. We got to know that the venue had arranged multi track recording of the show, so we sent the files to Tim Palmer and we got a great audio mix from the show. But still we didn’t have any images from the show!! So we asked the fans that have filmed the concert to send us their material and surprisingly got lots of great phone and small cameras’ footage from you. We only added the images filmed by cameras that were used for the screens during the show and we arranged the edition of the video. We were very happy with the result for a “non professional” video recording. It gives you a special feeling like if the listener would be among the crowd.

Julien Potier: Hey, Tarja! Luna Park Ride features a performance of Anteroom of Death, in which you share the stage with Van Canto. How was it like to perform live with so many singers, and only voices, choirs and drums to accompany you?

Tarja Turunen: It was very kind from Van Canto to invite me for their concert at Wacken Open Air last year. I have known them for some years now and met them many times. Since they worked in the song Anteroom of Death for my album, we have been wishing to perform together. Finally and luckily this happened. Is not the first time for me to sing with choir. I have been myself part of several choirs like church, opera, kids and university choirs to mention few. Also I have collaborated and still do, with choirs in my classical concerts. Surely to have all these singers on such a stage like Wacken made it particularly special.

Amanda Mäkynen: What is the funniest or most amazing memory from Luna Park Ride?

Tarja Turunen: Luna Park is a very respected venue in Buenos Aires. One of those that as an artist you always wish to have the chance to play in. I have gone to see shows there from great musicians and bands like Deep Purple, Scorpions, Joe Satriani, Ringo Starr, Alice in Chains, Tears for Fears and Roxette. So it was an emotional experience indeed to play there!

Erika Van: How did you choose which performances to put on the bonus disc?

Tarja Turunen: We didn’t film nor record any of the bonus material ourselves. We checked with festivals and venues I’ve been performing in the last years and found out that few have registered images and audio from my shows. They let us use their material so what you see as the bonus material was what we could get. We tried to improve the images as much as possible and we mixed the audio again with Tim Palmer who has also mixed ACT I and the Luna Park concert.


Thiago Abreu: Why did you choose to make another live dvd from a WLB tour’s concert instead of one from Colours on the Road’s?

Tarja Turunen: ACT I was based in the albums “My Winter Storm” and “What Lies Beneath” and ACT II will be based in “Colours in the Dark” and my next studio album. LPR is a special product for you made by you. The Luna Park concert was very emotional and dear to me and for that reason I wanted to make it available for all to see. Nevertheless, it is not comparable to the technical production of ACT I or of the future ACT II.

Myla Eslayne: Why did you decide to make a DVD only for this show? It is the same show we’ve got in the mediabook of Act I, so is there any special reason?

Tarja Turunen: I love this show and the fact that as we were not filming it for a DVD release, we were all relaxed and having a lot of fun on stage. It is usually harder and nerve breaking for us knowing that there are cameras following you. The Media Book of ACT I was a limited edition of only 1000 units. It has long been out of stock and the record company strongly believes that there are many more fans worldwide willing to have it.

Gisel Hernández: Mike Terrana made a copyright claim on all trailer and videos from “Luna Park Ride” and Earmusic deleted the videos … what happened?

Tarja Turunen: I must say that this came as a surprise for me. I got to know about it at the same time as you did by reading the legend displayed by Youtube on the videos. We are at the moment discussing with Mike what are his claims about.

Franco Monterroso: Hi! My question: is there any reason why the two live DVDs you have released to date are of the shows you gave in Argentina? (For my part, the better. I am more than proud to have been part of both :)).

Tarja Turunen: LPR is a companion to ACT I. It was originally released as a bonus DVD in a limited edition box set of ACT I. So as a package it made a lot of sense for us that both concerts were filmed in Argentina. I have also released a live video “Beauty and the Beat” filmed in Czech Republic and another one with “Harus” live in Finland. I have plans already for my next live video ACT II and I can only say that it won’t be a complete concert filmed in Argentina.

Ame’ Khad: Hi Tarja Turunen, among the bonus live of LPR, there will be ” Never Enough” from the Summerbreeze show, which was a funny and original footage, so how did you come up with this amazing idea to take the camera and filming the crowd such an ” in front the scene” ? could you carry the camera at your ease while you singing, or was it difficult for you ? I’ve never seen an artist doing this, maybe you’re the first ! (or not).

Tarja Turunen: Actually the camera was very heavy! I agreed with the film crew to do this in advance, but didn’t have time to rehearse it at all. So at the beginning of “Never Enough” when the camera was handed to me, I got surprised by its weight, lost my concentration and completely forgot the lyrics of the song!! This is a real live recording, so you can go and check it yourself in the video. It also didn’t help that the camera had a wire. I am used to run on stage with my wireless handheld microphone, so to have suddenly a wire was again, not easy while singing. It was fun though!


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  2. Hola Tarja,tienes programado venir a Chile este año?,gracias por cantar